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Our Story

Welcome to our homestead. We're so glad you've found us!

Our business began in a condo kitchen in a Colorado suburb. ​In late 2016, our family prepared to exchange Christmas gifts ​with one small caveat: all the gifts had to be handmade. The ​result was probably not the best candle ever made, but it was ​the first step in a journey that has spanned nearly six years ​and several life-changing moves.

As we've grown, we've added a flock of sassy chickens, two ​country kids, and 7 beehives. The beeswax in our candles is ​currently procured through a partnership with a local apiary ​but our hope is to start using beeswax from our bees soon!

Our hearts are full and we’re so excited that you’re following ​us on this journey.

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Our Bees

Learn more about our beeyards and the honey they produce.

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Our Honey

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Modern oasis leaf

Each hive has its own character. That’s part of the reason we name our queen bees and our bee yards. Each hive can produce a different type of honey based on what nectar and pollen are available to them. It is completely possible for hives in different parts of the same region to produce honey with unique character and flavor. Our mission is to retain that character by not blending or mixing hives from different yards. It means that you can trace our honey by region, yard and colony.

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