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Humble Beekeeping Beginnings

Posted by Kristi Taylor on

Every once in a while we get questions about how beekeeping started for our homestead.

Bee Entering Hive


It actually started in a farm supply store in spring 2020. I was amazed to see that you could order packages of bees -- but sadly we were too late to place our order.

I immediately knew that bees would be a perfect fit on our homestead. Much of our land is still wild, though tucked into pockets of nearby agriculture. I also knew that our crops needed pollination to reach their full potential.

We can discuss at length how badly that first foray into beekeeping ended another day. But after having bees shipped to us through the mail, it went downhill quickly.

We ended our first season with a silent hive.

It might seem crazy, but we persisted in our dream of having bees on our land.

Bee on Mint

Fast forward to Spring of 2021, after making connections to a beekeeping supplier in Wyoming, we have a hive that has been overwintered in our northern climate.

Every inspection is a relief. The colony appears to be thriving and holding up to our wind weather swings.

A little bit of persistence can go a long way in homesteading.

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